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Slippery Eels - Websites as resources

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Catching Slippery Eels - managing websites as resources

  • Objectives
  • Collecting websites
  • Different methods of storing websites
  • Combinations of storage
  • Management
  • Practicing with different software
  • Ethical practices
  • Evaluation


  • This workshop is designed to be a discussion group looking at and evaluating different methods of managing websites as resources.
  • Participants will also have an opportunity to work with different web based resources to develop their own plan for their own needs.

Collecting websites

Websites are everywhere but how do you find the particular ones that are age and content appropriate for your needs?

Free places:

Search engines: 

Google, Teoma, Kids Click! and other search engines Search.com,

Other schools websites or catalogues:
(websites) PL Duffy Resource Centre,    Palmerston Primary School,   Australian International School Hong Kong
(catalogues) AISHK

Other databases:
EdNA online - Australian
Country Area schools project - Australian
Blue Web'n update
Homework centre - American

Museums and Libraries

Library of congress,

The British Library

The British Museum

The Smithsonian Education


Subscription options
Links Plus
Encyclopedia Britannica

Trackstar wizard

project poster

Other resources
Professional Journals

e-journal and websites - iasl , asla (nsw), school library journal

Weblinks in Dewey

Activity 1. Do you have other places - please share - go to this space Activity 1

Lost webpages?? go to the wayback machine

Storing and managing websites

This will be a small group discussion where each group will discuss one of the management options below using webnote.

Activity 2 Go to the following link to make notes on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the followingSlippery Eels

  1. Sheets of paper
  2. Bookmarks - ikeepbookmarks.com
  3. Website portal - see school pages above
  4. Library catalogue  - AISHK
  5. Web site caching - Webzip, WinMHT, Website Extractor, Datamining
  6. Trackstar /Trackstar wizard /Filamentaily (see links above)
  7. Web quests - Web and Flow


Activity 3:  Explore with your group some possible combinations add them to the scrivlet note pad @ http://scrivlet.com/edit.php?hash=2136510478

Some options:

Trackstar in catalogues - go to AISHK and search for 'red dog'.
class act portal
filamentality links in catalogue / web portal

pathfinders for students combined with print resources linked to where? see Scotch College

Ethics? Legal areas?

What about copyright?

Is what you are doing legal?

Caching websites - grey area - is it OK for schools  to  capture a website if they have terrible online access?

Have a look here and see if you can find the answers Legal Database,

Copyright issues

Please visit the following zoomerang evaluation to quickly evaluate this workshop.
Zoomerang - slippery eels


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