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Webquest Question 1 tasks

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IT in Education Refresher Course


Home Learning Webquest


1. Essential Questions.

The following information is adapted from "Asking the essential question" http://www.biopoint.com/ibr/askquestion.html


Writing the essential question is the first part of the research process. The essential question is the focus of research.

 Essential questions are questions that require a decision or to plan a course of action in the result. They are sometimes difficult to develop but after a few experiences writing essential questions, competence in research increases.

When writing essential questions, avoid "What is" questions such as "What is AIDS," or "What is acid rain." While these are important questions, they do not require a decision or plan a course of action. Instead ask, "How can I reduce the likelihood of contracting AIDS?" (this requires a plan of action) or "What is the best strategy for reducing the impact of acid rain in the United States?" (this requires a decision among the various strategies).

 Writing essential questions takes patience and practice. Essential questions are constantly being asked by adults throughout their lives, and by teaching young people how to do it , teachers are giving them an important life skill.



Visit the following websites and read the articles.



Higher Order Thinking Skills

An easy guide using Blooms taxonomy to developing higher order thinking in students



FNO Questioning toolkit




Essential Questions




Examples of essential questions




Detailed explanantion of Essential questions




 TASK 1.

Set a research question based on one of your current topics you are doing in class for each of the following levels of questions.

a) Level 1

b) Level 2

c) Level 3

d) Level 4

Discussing your level 4 question, what are the processes the students will have to go through to answer this question?



1. Write the following research question into an essential question.

Hong Kong My Home

In 1997 Hong Kong was handed back to the Chinese Government, what changes to Hong Kong, if any, have occured since then?



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